How to Find Strength in your Weaknesses

We live in perfectionist times. Technology is always striving to be just that little bit better; workers are bombarded with never-ending pressure to be more productive, efficient, and ever-connected.

With all this emphasis on progress and improvement, it can be easier to start feeling like you should be perfect. Faults become a source of serious shame and worry, and you can experience an almost militant anger toward your own weakness.

If you’re feeling like this at the moment (we’ve all been there), this adaptation of a piece on the Freelancers Union blog has a very important message for you — quit it!

Your Greatest Flaw Is Also Your Greatest Strength

There are numerous reasons to stop chasing personal perfection—it stands in the way of action and risk and will make you miserable, not to mention, it’s impossible to attain. And not just because all humans are flawed and complex. But also because your biggest flaws are almost certainly tied up together with your greatest strengths.

I, sometimes, struggle with procrastination—but that procrastination was rooted in a deep desire to do my best work, as well as a tendency to let my mind wander creatively.

Self-Improvement Is Great, But…

This isn’t to say that there’s no place for reflection and self-improvement. It just means you could stop thinking about ‘bad’ traits as if they were alien, nasty flaws that you have to stamp out entirely. Instead, think of these flaws as extreme manifestations of certain qualities that were actually just fine (or even great). Choose to focus on adjusting behaviours, instead of ‘perfecting’ yourself. You don’t have to hate them.

How is your biggest flaw related to your biggest strength?

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