Guide to Making a Presentation

The thought of speaking in front of an audience, no matter how small, terrifies most of us. We think ourselves completely incapable of giving an effective presentation that communicates our ideas to others. But here’s the good news: anyone can learn to give better presentations. Simple effective strategies will make the difference between a poorly delivered speech, and a competently organized one. This is relevant to everyone, if you work for a company, especially if you head the sales department of such a company. Chances are good that you will have to deliver presentations regularly. The more presentations you give, the easier it will become for you, and the more you apply the strategies that will be discussed in this post, the more professional and effective your presentation will become.


Be conservative. It may seem obvious, but you will be shocked as to how little effort people put into structuring their speech well. There are certain things to bear in mind. You need to realize that less is more. Do not try to bombard your audience with as much information as you can squeeze into your allotted time. Keep your presentation clear and focused and never let it stray off point, you will stand this risk if you strive to say too much. Long winding presentations never get your audience’s attention, in fact, they will lose interest pretty quickly. So, at most, have three major points that you will expound on and nothing more than that. Remember, pick your three very best points for a stronger presentation and don’t drown your listeners with information.

Determine your approach. Do you want to make use of slides and media or not? This is what we mean by determining the approach. Here’s a little guide in deciding: if you feel that you are an interesting and engaging enough speaker who can easily grab and audience’s attention then the use of PowerPoint slides may not be necessary. If you are, using slides may even serve as a distraction from your main message. However, if you have trouble remembering your points or passing across your message, then you can turn you slides and media to aid your presentation, but keep the slides to a minimal level, and keep the designs aesthetically pleasing. Do not be overly flamboyant when preparing your slides, keep your media as a means to enhance your presentation and not jeopardize it.

Practice. Whatever you do, always take out enough time to practice your presentation before hand, never neglect this stage. When you have practiced enough, you will gain enough confidence to deliver your speech with power and authority. When you review and practice your presentations, you will get to discover some problems that you never realized where there and it serves as a medium to straighten them out.

With a judicious application of these strategies, you will find yourself delivering those presentations that you once feared to with ease and eloquence.


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