PushCV Academy Course of the Week: Risk Management

Every week, we will put the spotlight on one course from the PushCV Academy with the sole purpose of helping you understand how the said course might help you be better at your current job, job seeking efforts or help you be the person you want to be for that career of your dreams. This week we shall look at “Risk Management”

Risk is one of the most dangerous problems in life and in business. Things are termed as risky when they have a high probability of failing. Failure wastes time, money and energy, both of the mental and physical type. In business, risk is the one element that can determine if things go well or badly. So, at every point in time, businesses and even people are always looking to manage risk so that they can maximize their resources.

Fortunately for the whole world at large, risk management is a concept that exists to reduce the risk in activities as much as possible. Because of how expensive taking a lot of risk is, especially in low reward activities, there’s a ravaging appetite for those who understand risk management. By ensuring that businesses avoid risks that can cost a lot of money, people who understand risk management are able to command some of the money they potentially save in fees for their intellect in limiting risk.

And while all businesses don’t hire professional risk management consultants; they always look to manage risks in their businesses. However, because most business owners have not learnt risk management professionally, many of them take on approaches that might avoid risk in ways that don’t do the job completely or take away possible rewards too.

This course offers a systematic way to look at risk and the management of it. From going through the fundamentals of what risk management is and then understanding how to identify risk, evaluate and manage it; this course has you covered.

By taking this course you will learn:

  • What Risk Management is
  • The Fundamentals of Risk Management
  • Risk Management Systems
  • How to Identify Risk
  • How to Evaluate and Prioritize Risk
  • How to Manage Risk
  • How to Avoid and Minimize Risk

This course takes about 50 minutes to complete is here to put you through what it takes to look at risk management in a way that can save your current and future employers from the haphazard processes they currently use to mitigate risk. It is currently available for FREE on the PushCV Academy.


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