How to Make The Most of Each Work Day

In the world of work and employment, fully optimising your day and getting the best out of it, is a very important skill. Almost everyone is obsessed with getting the best out of their days. Most of us have set schedules but find it hard to stick to these schedules and execute all the tasks that we have set out for the day. No matter our profession or specialty, we all have one thing in common: the amount of hours we have at our disposal in a day.

The difference, more often than not, between highly productive people and the rest of the crowd is how the former effectively manages the amount of time she has on her hands. As such, how we use our time makes all the difference where productivity and success are concerned. What this post discuses is how best we can utilise our time and boost our productivity and creativity.


Create a routine. This is perhaps, the most effective strategy to optimising our days.  Establishing a positive daily routine is both a self-investment and a way to do your best. It also provides additional benefits like giving you structure, building forward-moving habits, and creating momentum that will carry you on the days when you feel like you don’t have the strength to carry yourself. Doing this means setting priorities and ranking tasks in their orders of importance. A person who is efficient, but not effective, spends time on unimportant tasks. A person who is effective prioritizes his or her tasks and produces results. The bottom line is that to be effective, you need to prioritise.  In addition to this, creating a routine organises our thinking and gives us a clear direction as to our daily goals. Creating a routine removes much of the mental clutter that we experience in the course of our day, hence allowing us the get the most out of it.

Work in intervals. Naturally, the brain works for about 30-60 minutes before needing a break. Bearing this fact in mind, it is important for us to work in intervals. In short, break your day into chunks. You could divide your tasks into 90-minute intervals and take a pause of 20-30 minutes after each 90-minute interval. It is very important to take breaks so as to remain fresh and active for the task at hand. You should use your breaks to check e-mails, social media, chat with friends, basically, time wasters that limit your productivity. You may also make use of time tracking tools and apps to determine at what points in the day you are most active so as to compress the bulk of your work into such spaces.

Focus on one task at a time. Juggling a lot of tasks at the same time seems like a great idea – after all, the more you do, the more you get done. This is a wrong notion however. The brain may easily become overwhelmed if it is loaded with too many tasks at a time and this will seriously limit our productivity. Therefore, it is standard practice for us to focus on one task at a time. The more we put this strategy into practice, the likelier we are to accomplish more than we normally do and complete tasks faster. By streamlining our focus, we are increasing our efficiency and quality of work.


Putting these simple strategies into practice is a sure fire way to get the most out of our active hours. You will find yourself approaching your job with a happier and more optimistic attitude.




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