How to Remain Relevant at Work

Now more than ever, it is important to be relevant at work. Technology has made things more competitive than they ever before. Technology is also responsible for removing millions of jobs every year. It”s also responsible for adding many jobs too. We now, as a workforce have to keep up with way more skills than ever before.

The skills that were assets to them and their companies are no longer as relevant and younger, ‘less experienced’ people are taking higher positions and bigger roles at the company they have worked in longer at. This never happens in the short term, but it is very easy to slip up and be comfortable in your routing while the world around you changes. The truth is that things are always changing: new ways to do a particular job, new companies offering your services at far cheaper than you can offer; new technology that makes your current skills obsolete. Remaining relevant at your job is key to keeping it. The rest of the article shows you a partway to remaining relevant.

Maintain a Cross-Generational Network of Peers. An easy mistake to make is to believe that you have nothing in common with the younger or older generation of people at work. Another important truth is that losing relevance at your job goes both ways: you don’t only have to keep up with what the new trends are, you also have to keep up with what the older people had to do to get ahead and be relevant as they moved up the ladder. As you grow older and at your current job, you will have to learn the attitudes and skills that the people ahead of you had to learn to get ahead. Also, as an older worker, keeping abreast with the skills and trends of the younger ones is important as mentioned above.

Stay Current. Most people stay current, but with trends that have no true benefit to them going forward. Without actively seeking information that keeps you abreast with what is relevant your desire to be better is worthless. It’s important to develop the habit of being interested in the trends and news that affects not just your career but the workplace in general. Subscribe to relevant newsletters and blogs and gain insight from industry experts and the news about what is relevant today.

Focus on Having Relevant Skills. Making relevance a priority means, first of all, listing all your skills and asking yourself (very sincerely) which of those skills you have are a priority to the company you work for. After you have a proper picture of how relevant your skills are, you have to slowly but steadily work at developing relevant skills based on the data, information and insight you have garnered from the making friends with people in cross generations and from keeping abreast with trends by reading industry news and general workplace magazines and blogs

With these three simple habits, you will be armed with not just the knowledge but the tools you need to remain relevant and get ahead.

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