PushCV Academy Course of the Week: Basic Customer Service

Every week, we will put the spotlight on one course from the PushCV Academy with the sole purpose of helping you understand how the said course might help you be better at your current job, job seeking efforts or help you be the person you want to be for that career of your dreams. This week we shall look at “Basic Customer Service”.

One of the biggest gaps today, in how Nigerian businesses serve their customers, is how they handle customer service. Every day we hear of one horrible story after another; customers who are so angry and unsatisfied with how they are threated that they take their business elsewhere after vowing never to go back to the businesses that hurt them. What happens next, is usually baffling: the next business they go to, isn’t much better! There’s a perpetual customer service problem that causes a bad reputation for these Nigerian businesses.

Poor customer service is a problem that can cripple a business. It results in lost market share, low customer retention, poor referral rates and large swaths of lost business. Poor customer service should be avoided by serious businesses at all time. Even more so, in a country like Nigeria where it seems to be a really big problem. Great customer service is a great opportunity. It can be used a unique selling point, a key advantage over your competitors.

Is basic customer service that hard? This course hopes to show you all you need to understand the fundamentals of customer service in less than an hour. It will handle the most important parts of great customer service such as efficient communication and effective feedback mechanisms for communicating with customers.

By taking this course you will be able to:

  • Apply the fundamental aspects of customer service in a business
  • Communicate and collaborate with customers using efficient communication processes; and
  • Obtain customer feedback to continuously refine a customer service program

This course will take no more than 55 minutes (self-paced) to complete, and is currently available for FREE for a limited time. Improved Customer service can be a very big edge in your business today as has been discussed above and can be applied in your organisation in no time. This is the perfect opportunity.

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